A Woman Owned US-based business headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, AZ Quality Staffing was created to provide personalized staffing and recruiting services with no contract or buyout fees to help businesses grow and provide lasting employment opportunities.


Angelina Myler

President & CEO

Angelina is the woman behind our woman-led organization. Her role at work is continuously improving the quality of customer and employee relationships. She is dedicated to providing excellent service, value, and support to the people who need her. 

Angelina has worked with multi-national organizations in quality assurance and the medical field. Out of the office, you can find Angelina in her home state of Arizona with her three kids and grandkids. 

Pete Genot

Vice President

Pete is a cofounder of AZ Quality Services, working across quality services in inspection, marketing, and customer service. Pete’s core values of truth, integrity, and respect are reflected in AZ Quality Services’ relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers. This has contributed in allowing the AZ team to grow a two-person partnership into a national family business with over 100 employees.

He holds an MBA from the University of Toledo and was chosen by the College Of Business Administration’s Business Advisory Council as the 1996 Student Pacemaker. 

Linda Genot

Chief Financial Officer

Linda is the go-to person responsible for administering our invoices, estimates, and monthly payments for our customers. With a background in the nonprofit sector and many years of experience in quality assurance, Linda is the organizational force keeping us in touch with our customers and their needs. 

She lives with her husband in Arizona and is mother to four children, 12 grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and a rescued pitbull. 

Carrie Collins

Executive Assistant

Carrie Collins works as Executive Assistant to the President & CEO.  With over 15 years of experience assisting CEOs from multiple industries she holds a distinct advantage providing administrative and operational support on special projects. Integrity, confidentiality, and a great work ethic are her core values. 

She currently lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband of 35 years. She is active in teaching and mentoring women through her church and enjoys spending time in the White Mountains with her family, especially when it snows.

Maria Navarro

Human Resource Manager

Maria Navarro is AZ Quality’s Human Resource Manager.  She’s passionate about working with our Team, striving to meet company goals, and is committed to bringing the team to the next level. Maria brings years of experience in Sales Support, Customer Service, Onboarding and Human Resources.  She loves working with people and helping them connect and grow.

Maria originally came to us from Ventura County, California. She is a family-oriented person who enjoys being outdoors and exploring Arizona.  She lives out her motto that true happiness in life is built upon a great positive attitude, serving others and genuine human kindness.


Interested applicants apply online or text RECRUITER to 602-780-1155.


Office Assistant

Hayden Myler is the Office Assistant. Hayden performs a variety of administrative and technical duties within our client-centric corporate office, as well as serving our hard-working employees and wonderful clients. 

Hayden loves to give of his time to teach others. After taking American Kenpo he taught elementary age children self-defense and older students robotics and woodworking. Hayden lives in Chandler, AZ and spends his weekends and off time with his girlfriend Bethany and his family, and also enjoys cooking, reading comic books, and attending conventions.


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